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18 Years Old Estelle Hates Being Tickled and She’ll Never Return!

Yuna introduced us her half-sister Estelle a few time ago for a fun experience but the poor beauty discovered that tickling can be more intensive than she imagined.
The 18 years old girl is so ticklish everywhere that is was a real torture for her and she didn’t accepted to be tickled anymore after this incredible scene so this is the only session we made with her.

She enjoyed the experience but she explained us that she were unable to stand to be tickled anymore but this scene in the stocks is a absolutely epic.
Estelle is strongly immobilized and mercilessly tickled from head to toes by Yuna who gave her the punishment of her life.

The helpless beauty becomes totally insane and she really suffers the tickles on her deathly ticklish body.
Every inch of her skin is ultra sensitive and believe us her bare feet are a miracle for every ticklers in the world.
Yuna is merciless and she doesn’t realize that her tickles are really really too much for her half-sister who really endures the worst moment of her life.

Some girls are too ticklish for long sessions and Estelle is one of them.
We made only one clip with her but what a session!


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