This is revenge on the hysterical Yuna


Length – 14:23 – 720P

This is now revenge time for Estelle who is decided to have a merciless revenge on her half-sister.
Yuna is strongly immobilized in the stocks with her entire ultra ticklish body at the mercy of Estelle who gave her exactly what she endured a few minutes ago.
The first half of the revenge is focused on Yuna’s upperbody and the second half is a ruthless bare feet tickle torture.
Yuna goes crazy all long the session under Estelle’s tickle assaults but her incredibly sensitive feet are her weak point and the tickling is extremely intensive on this spot with the brushes and the glove.

This is a great F/F tickle session with two girls successively tickled to hell to their limits and till they really lose control of themselves.
If you have a special tickle fantasy with deathly ticklish sisters this great session is exactly what you are looking for.

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