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Alexa’s Sweaty Feet Challenge

Definition - 1080P
Length - 13:53


Alexa is another hot and sexy twenty- girl who works as a barmaid a few blocks away from my home, so it is always nice to have a good talk with her when she is working at this place. She is working a lot, so sometimes she is walking all day long with her socks and feet inside her boots. It’s been over a year for now that I am waiting for the perfect time to talk about my foot fetish, but instead, I told her that I am actually really good to give some nice foot massages. She told me that she would love to try my foot massages, but that her boyfriend would probably not like it, so that was just not possible to do it. She also told me that her feet are usually super sweaty and stinky after work, so she would be a little shy to see me massaging her feet after work. I told her that I would not have a problem with the smell of her feet, since I am really used to it, and I would be more than happy to give her a nice foot massage! I did offered a lots of money to have this honor, so she told me that she would accept my offer at only one condition: The foot massage must be minimum 60 minutes, while she is relaxing and watching TV, and this must happen even if her socks and feet are super smelly and super stinky! She does not want to hear any complain from the strong smell of her feet! Done deal!


Alexa has been wearing the same pair of black socks for a few days in a row now, without really paying attention to it, and she gave me a call on a Friday afternoon just to know if my foot massage offer was still on the table, because she was woking a double shift on that day. She said she would be more than happy to try this foot massage after work, but she didn’t know at what time she would finish working. She just wanted me to get ready to welcome her after her long working shift! Alexa knocks at the door a few hours later, and it seems like she was more than ready for her foot massage session! She told me before that she had those boots on for over twelve hours straight, and she also warned me that her socks are probably wet after this long working day inside her boots! I remember her that I will not complain, and I would be more than happy to give her this nice foot massage! She also told me again that the foot massage must be minimum 60 minutes. No matter how bad her feet smell, or stink!


Alexa was more than ready to start this foot massage session, so she looks at me with her smile again, and told me that she is dreaming about this moment for a long time! She said her boyfriend never gives her foot massage. She teases me with her winter boots around my face, and politely asks me to take them off, to completely cover my face with her sweaty black socks. That was more than intense! The smell was so strong, and the socks were a little wet from her long working day, but they were totally hot! She was almost like burning my face with her socks, but the feeling was great!

She said again she was waiting for this moment for a long time! Just by seeing her nice smile through her feet, I felt like she just wanted to test my endurance with her sweaty socks on my face! Alexa starts a movie on Starflix, and told me that she would love to see me there at her feet for the entire movie! She makes me take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes me lick the bottom of her sweaty black socks! This was just heaven! Alexa also makes me suck on her toes, before she makes me take her socks off to smother my face again with her sweaty naked feet! She makes me sniff and lick the bottom of her soft naked feet, and makes me suck on her toes, like a good devoted loser slave! That was just another first foot fetish experience, and another very intense sweaty socks challenge with one of the hottest girl in town! The complete version of this clip is actually 69 minutes! (French Language)

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