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Amelia’s Boyfriend Interview

Amelia likes to make this loser believe that maybe he got a small chance with her so the first step was to pay for the nice and expensive dinner! She now wants to know if he could give her all the attention that she deserves after a full day with her boots on! Amelia loves to rest her feet so she makes him lay down on the floor and takes her boots off to cover his face with her sweaty nylon feet!

Would you do this every night for me? Serve as a footstool with your face for my lovely feet? This is kind of a test and Amelia needs to make sure there’s no problem with it so she makes him stick his tongue out to give him a taste of her sweat! She wipes her smelly feet on his tongue and laughs at his face because she knows he’ll never had a chance to be her boyfriend!

That was just an excuse to take advantage of him one more time! Very Hot Clip! Welcome back Amelia! (French Language)

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