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Anna Drives Insane the Super Ticklish Alisee

You probably remember the very beautiful and super ticklish Alisee we meet a few time ago during a wedding. She has perfect feet with high arches, awesome toes and the dream is that they are horribly ticklish. We have immobilized her in our device with Anna as sadistical tickler who is very impatient to tickle the sexy blond without mercy. Alisee is just insanely ticklish and her feet are her weak point.

The girl looses all control of herself when she has her feet tickled and she becomes hysterical in convulsive explosions of laughter. Anna is absolutely merciless because all she wants is to see her friend become totally crazy. She tickles her every ways she can to get the best laughter and at some moments a second tickler comes to increase the punishment. This is an explosively tickling scene with incredibly ticklish feet tickled to exhaustion!

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