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Appreciate My Stinky Socks Lizalka

Definition - 2160P
Length - 19:23


The extraordinary Violetta has returned one more time to have a lot of fun with her devoted slave girl Lizalka, who is simply mesmerized by Violetta’s perfect figure and can’t resist degrading herself just to fulfill any of her Goddess’ whims. It’s worth mentioning that Queen Violetta adores all the attention received; being pampered and treated like royalty comes naturally to her and she is aware of the long list of people eager to serve her as soon as she snaps her fingers. On this occasion, the scene starts with Violetta teasing Lizalza by asking if she would like to worship the soles of her grimy sneakers.

The Queen had an extensive training session prior to shooting and unfortunately, those sneakers have accumulated a lot of filth; therefore, Violetta considers that her loyal slave girl can give them a proper cleaning service before putting them back in her wardrobe. Lizalka replies that she would love to lick them and Violetta allows her to do so with a swift command. As Lizalka cleans Violetta’s sneakers, the Goddess tells her not to interrupt since she would like to check out her fashion magazine to see if she can find some elegant shoes that Lizalka can purchase for her. The slave girl thanks her Goddess for the privilege of cleaning her sneakers and mentions that she would do it every day to which Violetta responds that it will depend on how well she performs the current task. After some minutes, Violetta orders Lizalka to take off those sneakers so that she can inhale the sweet aroma coming out of her dirty white socks. The pungent smell makes Lizalka a bit dizzy but the Queen doesn’t care at all and makes sure Lizalka presses her nose against those nasty socks. Violetta also wants to give her precious feet some fresh air so she makes Lizalka remove those socks to immediately shove them into her servant girl’s mouth. The Goddess can’t resist mocking Lizalka and commands her to say some words, but the poor girl can barely make some sounds, resulting in Violetta laughing loudly at her for how pathetic she looks. The servant girl sniffs those flawless soles while trying not to gag and takes some whiffs on her Queen’s toes to show her appreciation. Once Violetta has determined Lizalka has sucked those socks enough, she orders her to start licking the sweat from her bare soles. The poor Lizalka tries her best to please her Queen and covers every inch of Violetta’s radiant soles with her tongue; not forgetting to suck her divine toes to eliminate any piece of toejam that may lay between them.

Violetta continues smirking, teasing, and insulting Lizalka as if she wasn’t even there while Lizalka puts a lot of effort into eating all the sweat. In the end, Violetta commands her obedient girl to lie down on the floor face up so that she can be used as a footstool. The Queen puts some pressure over Lizalka’s nose with her toes and takes pictures using her smartphone to show her friends afterward. Violetta states to the camera that she liked the job Lizalka has done with her sneakers meaning there are going to be many more shoes for her humble girl to clean up soon.

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