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Red Hair Mistress Foot Worship


Length - 19:34
- 2160P

There is nothing better than a beautiful girl being worshipped as the Princess she is. We introduce you to Greta, a girl whose dream has always been being treated as royalty even if that implies humiliating other people for her own pleasure. Honestly, Greta was very excited when Lizalka approached her asking to be her personal foot slave for at least one day. In Greta’s cruel mind, the idea of having total power over this humble little girl sounded amazing and she took advantage of this opportunity to fulfill her dream.

Greta decided she wanted to test Lizalka’s devotion though, so without any concern, she told her new slave girl that she was going to worship her feet after a workout session. In this video, Greta’s first command is that Lizalka starts swallowing the dirt from her sneakers soles while the Goddess just stares and enjoys the attention received. She even laughs at Lizalka’s face and takes pictures with her smartphone showing no pity. Next, Greta orders Lizalka to remove her sneakers because she wants her slave girl to inhale their scent and press her nose against her stinky, sweaty socks.

You can see how those socks have accumulated a lot of Greta’s foot sweat and now they are not white anymore. Greta has a great pleasure feeling Lizalka’s whiffs. Then, the Goddess wants to have Lizalka’s tongue over her sore soles, so the slave girl takes off Greta’s socks and starts wiping up her Mistress’ foot sweat. Greta continues mocking Lizalka for how pathetic she is and smiles with satisfaction, she doesn’t want this to stop ever. Lizalka also kisses her Goddess’ feet constantly and sucks her toes to eliminate any toejam left. It seems like Greta has been convinced about her slave girl’s performance.

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