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Princess Sweaty Feet Require Attention


Length - 23:05
- 2160P -
Published 25 May, 2022

Claudia’s beauty is simply immeasurable. She possesses a gorgeous face, cute smile and an enviable body. Nobody in the world is capable of resisting her enchantments. A perfect Princess, through and through. She knows very well that she is a superior woman and is entitled to own personal slaves who will be at her beck and call. This time, she has chosen to have a devoted slave girl after her long training session just to amuse herself and she can’t wait to see how Lizalka is going to deal with her stinky, sweaty feet.

When Claudia calls for Lizalka, the servant girl immediately kneels before her and puts her face in front of Claudia’s sneakers. The Princess orders Lizalka to start swallowing all the filth from her sneaker’s soles so they can be clean before putting them back into her closet.

Claudia looks at Lizalka’s tongue while she removes all the grime and then starts smiling cruelly without any remorse. She is having so much fun with her poor slave girl. Once the soles of her sneakers are shiny, Claudia commands Lizalka to take them off to inhale the delicious aroma emanating from them. Then, the Princess wants her very dirty, stinky white socks to be worshipped by her servant girl. You can see how Lizalka rubs her nose against those smelly socks while Claudia starts laughing since she can feel their strong stench. Claudia also makes Lizalka remove her socks to worship her precious bare feet.

The servant girl kisses, smells and licks her Mistress’ feet thoroughly and she also sucks her cute toes to eliminate any toejam left. During the video, Claudia takes pictures of her servant girl with her smartphone to show her friends later on, and insults Lizalka ruthlessly.

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