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Astrid and Leya – Upperbody Tickling Fun

Made by request. Belly and sides f/f tickling with beautiful girls  Leya and Astrid.

Outfits: Both girls are dressed in tops that reveal their navels.
Story: The girls are roommates who get into regular tickle fights with each other.

Scene 1: Astrid is busy doing chores in the bedroom when Leya comes in. She sneaks up behind Astrid and begins to tickle her exposed sides and stomach. Soon they both end up on the bed where a tickle fight ensues. They tickle and wrestle with each other back and forth for a few minutes before they finally calm down.

Scene 2: The girls decide to settle things through a tickle competition. First Leya is laid down on the bed, her arms tied above her head. Astrid sits by her side and teases with her fingers, spidering them in front of Leya’s face: “Oh, you’re gonna get it now…”
Then she proceeds to tickle Leya’s belly, sides and belly button with her fingers.

Scene 3: Now it’s Astrid’s turn to be tickled. Leya sits by her side and teases her in much the same way as she did. She’s probably regretting going second now.
Leya wastes no time in tickling Astrid’s bare stomach. Her fingers gleefully dance all over Astrid’s belly, sides and belly button as she revels in her revenge.

Scene 4: Poor Astrid can’t get a break. Just as Leya’s about to let her go her boyfriend who has just come over walks in through the door to find the two girls in the middle of their tickle competition. Rather than asking questions he sits down next to the still tied up Astrid and he and Leya tickle her upper body vigorously for yet a few minutes.
Astrid and Leya are available for custom clips.

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