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Leya and her brilliant girlfriends – Super unmerciful tickling with hands and toes

Definition - 1080P
Length - 13:24


In this long-awaited clip, you will see not only the beautiful Leya but also her young girlfriends.

Everyone will take a part in a merciless tickle battle between real friends, each girl will take the role of tickler and ticklee!
Names of girlfriends: Fekla, Leya, Tonya

The first ticklee is of course Leya. Her girlfriends are already ready to torture their friend – and they have a lot of fun torturing her. Leya is tied on the bed with her arms and legs, and she goes crazy from tickling. She screams at the girlfriends, swears at them and begs to stop. But they don’t care. Girls focused on her upper body and armpits and use not only their hands for tickling but also their sexy feet and toes.
Leya will remember this torture forever!

The next ticklee is Tonya and she reacts no less vividly than Leya did.
Leya and Fekla tickle her with their arms and feet along her armpits, only occasionally letting her some rest. Tonya seemed quite strong, but her friends find her weak spots and torture her so that she begs them for mercy.

And now the turn of Fekla is a nice girl with beautiful eyes. Her friends begin with a slight tickling, gradually increasing intensity.
And now the girl is trying to stop her friends and finish the torture. But she will be able to rest only after she gets her dose of tickling.

Each girl tickled for 5 minutes. Only upper body tickling here. Enjoy!

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