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Bad situation for Susanna – She obeys and sniffs Klavdia’s stinky dirty socks and feet

Susanna is hogtied with tape over her mouth. She is trying to get out but to no luck. Klavdia comes to her in red boots and wants to dominate the poor girl.

Klavdia slaps Susanna’s feet first, then she takes off her boots in front of Susanna’s nose. Klavdia wants her to be an obedient girl and sniff her feet. Klavdia pokes her feet in socks to Susanna’s face, she resists but still sniffs the stinky socked feet.
Now Klavdia sits even closer and puts her feet on Susanna’s face. The poor girl is exhausted and gets a few hits on the feet.

Klavdia teases her hair and gives orders. Now she takes off her socks and puts her feet on Susanna’s nose, making her frown. She makes her sniff the removed socks and removes the tape to stick a new, but already black.
Klavdia plays with Susanna’s head and continues to her to sniff and then puts on her socks again and poke them to Susanna’s nose.

After a while, she leaves her alone.

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