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Most appetizing Rose’s soles – Very wet foot worship and tickling her feet

Rose sits on the couch without socks surfing her iPhone. Susanna looks at her feet with greedy. She tries to tickle them, but Rose doesn’t like it. So she leaves and comes back in socks.
Now Susanna offers her a foot massage. Rose refuses. “Do something useful!” – she says.

Offended Susanna came up with a plan – she takes a duct tape and approaches Rose from behind. She grabs and drops her on the couch. She quickly binds her hands with the tape. Next, she tapes her mouth.
Then Susanna slowly takes off the socks from Rose’s feet – and sees her chic big feet with red toenails. Susanna eagerly licks them and tickles with the tongue.
Susanna lifts her legs up and enjoys Rose’s feet – slobbering them and tickling again.

Then she raises Rose’s feet in the air and leans on her knee. Now, she again enjoys her feet and speaks something. Then she runs her fingernails along Rose’s soles, tickles her soft heels and toes.
Then she turns Rose on her back and starts licking her feet and tickling them with her tongue.
Later, Susanna decides to release Rose, she cuts the tape and puts her on a chair.
She ties her legs and hands with a rope and changes the tape gag to a rag. Rose protests.

Now Susanna tastefully licks Rose’s feet and makes them very wet. She sucks her toes. After that, Susanna takes a comb and a cream and tickles Rose’s feet for a long time. She lubricates her soles with cream and tickles again. In the end, she sucks her toes and licks her feet with delight. Rose is angry, frowns, and waits for when it all ends… Enjoy!

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