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Beauty & hysteria with the deathly ticklish angel Alena

Alena is a dream comes true.
This 21 years old new model is a real gift from heaven, an angel come to earth to fulfill our tickling fantasies because her perfect body is as ticklish as beautiful.
Her beauty is just incredible from head to toes and every inch of her soft skin is horribly ticklish.
The clip begins with a short interview and she’s strongly immobilized topless for a ruthless tickle torture.

Alena is a pure tickle toy and her reactions are fantastic because she has a frantic ticklish laughter with hysteric reactions.
The lucky tickler explores her underarms, breasts, sides, hips, belly, thighs and her perfect soft and mily soles and toes.
Alena’s feet are really super ticklish and the girl can’t stand to have them sucked and licked, especially with a tongue between her toes.

The ultra ticklish angel loses control in the stocks with a crazy nervous laughter who incitate the tickler to give her even more.
A perfect beauty with an insanely ticklish body, it will be difficult to offer you more.

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