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Length - 25:24 -
Definition - 1080P

Busted for DWI with Lilly Hall

Foot Patrol Inspector Archer Legend is watching a local thoroughfare when he spots a lady walking by.  He calls out for Lilly Hall to stop and informs her that she is under suspicion of committing DWI.  Lilly counters by exclaiming that she isn’t even driving so that’s impossible.

Inspector Legend tells the perturbed woman that he is not traffic enforcement and that her driving is the very least of his concern.  Archer explains that she is suspected of being delinquent on having a foot inspection and that the DWI stands for “Digits Without Inspection” which in his book is a much more severe infraction than anything you might do in a vehicle.  Inspector Legend escorts Lilly Hall to the office for a closer look and discovers that she is in dire need of a fresh pedicure.

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