Twisted Ankle with Brook Haze


Length- 27:42

The City Council has dispatched a cameraman to film a documentary on ‘a day in the life of a Foot Patrol Inspector.’ Filming is interrupted when a crash and a scream are heard off camera. Inspector Archer Legend investigates and finds that Brooke Haze has fallen up the stairs and twisted her ankle. Inspector Legend takes her to his office to let her elevate the injured limb and apply ice to the ankle. Archer asks Brooke to participate in the documentary by submitting to a foot inspection.

After a very thorough inspection of her delicate size sevens, Archer offers to take Brooke for a pedicure. The inspector escorts Brooke to the salon where her cute little feet are pampered and receive a fresh pedicure. Back at the station, Archer performs a follow up inspection on the young girl’s sweet feet. Brooke is so appreciative of all the attention and the new pedicure that she offers to repay the inspector. Archer is a fan of these gorgeous feet so he asks for more in what he calls an “advanced inspection.” Brooke Haze was game to play and excelled at making the inspector’s day by giving him a five fingered thank you.

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