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Length - 26:34 -
Definition - 1080P

Resisting Arrest with Sofie Reyez

Foot Patrol Inspector Archer Legend is on the beat when he encounters the lovely young Sofie Reyez. He introduces himself, and then gets straight to business assessing her need for a foot inspection. Sofie doesn’t think any of what he is saying sounds real. She is highly suspicious, though Archer insists on performing an inspection. When Sofie decides to get away from this crazy man, Inspector Legend employs the use of force to conduct his mission. Even hogtied in chains, Sofie remains defiant. She squirms as the inspector licks her soles and sucks her toes. She is verbally abusive to the foot inspector and never drops her rude behavior. The inspector tries to focus on the foot inspection, but we can see that he is visibly flustered by this bratty behavior.

Sexy Sofie Reyez is escorted to the nail salon by Foot Patrol Inspector Archer Legend to receive an upgraded pedicure. Even having a fresh pedi paid for by the government does nothing to quell the anger exhibited by Sofie. She remains rude and uncooperative, so Inspector Legend decides to keep her in handcuffs and leg irons. When the foot cop explains to young Miss Reyez that he must perform a second foot inspection, her fury rises. The poor inspector works up a sweat trying to perform his job while being bombarded with insults.

When he finally pronounces her feet street legal and attempts to collect the $300 fine, Sofie balks at this too. The flustered inspector reluctantly offers to let her “work off the debt” in a special way. Sofie Reyez accepts the offer, but the inspector insists that she remain in chains because he fears she’ll attempt to abscond.

Sofie Reyez is hot to trot, but Pedi Police is trying to slow her roll and prevent an escape. Foot Inspector Archer Legend has offered to accept a foot worship handjob in lieu of the $300 penalty she’s accumulated for foot infractions. He finally agrees to remove the handcuffs, but insists on keeping her ankles chained. Sofie squeezes the chubby foot cop’s cock while he sucks her toes and licks her delicious golden arches. With a beauty like this expertly working him to orgasm, it’s not surprise that the perverted foot cop gets distracted and drops his guard. This is just the opportunity the devious Sofie Reyez has been waiting for.

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