This Is Absolutely Unbearable but I Love That


Length – 16:19 – 720P

The hyper ticklish Marylene is strongly immobilized in the stocks with her entire body at the mercy of two sadistic and experimented ticklers who are totally decided to push her to her ticklish limits.

They attack her helpless upperbody during the first seven minutes of the clip and they get her insanely ticklish bare feet for the rest of the session.
This is absolutely unbearable for Marylene because she is terrifyingly ticklish everywhere and the fact that she can’t move at all makes her even more sensitive but curiously she loves that.

Her insane reactions are a tickler’s dream and she really really loves to be tickle tortured to hell, till she cannot take it anymore.
She tells to the ticklers how she enjoys that and asks them to be merciless with her.
Wow.. hot hot hot!

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