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The Tickle Torture of Blondie Apolline


Length - 14:44
- 1080P -
Published 29 November, 2019

Céline and Tom have gone through it, it’s now time for Apolline to be strapped on the bed and tickled ! The blonde girl has never experienced something like this before, and she don’t really Knowles how ticklish she is. Well : she is f***ing too much ! She can’t stop smiling even before the first touch !

Her friends and the ticklers start with her upperbody. Tom and celine tickle her armpits, and sides and her belly, and Apolline just laugh and yell all time long ! She is a dream ticklee : she is beautiful, she laughs hard and she might even like it a bit – at least at the beginning !

Her feet are not spared at all : they discover the brush, the toothbrush and the terrible gloves ! The whole tickle team let her no chance to escape ! She is tickled merciless, sometimes on the feet and the upperbody at the same time. Apolline struggles a lot but she is less reluctant than celine while being tickled – despite being as sensitive as her friend !

Tom and celine have already been through it, so they have no mercy with their friend ! The poor blondie gets a tickle torture that totally exhausts her. This is the last scene of the Bed Tickling serie, don’t miss it 😏

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