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Length - 08:17 -
Definition - 1080P

Cindy’s Sweaty Socks Challenge

Cindy also heard about our sweaty socks challenge so she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to come back with us just to try that amazing experience! We told her she could wear the same pair of socks for two weeks if she wants but she asked us if she could wear them for a full month!? WTF? She really wanted to win this challenge! The rules are simple! Our slave must deal with her sweaty socks in his face for thirty minutes! No matter how stinky and smelly they are! If not? She gets two hundred dollars as a bonus!

She also has the right to use his tongue to makes him taste her dirty socks! Even after a full month in her feet for work , jogging and party! Cindy now takes her boots then completely covers his face with her smelly cute socks! She starts the chronometer just to make sure there is no cheating then enjoys his pain like a candy for the next thrity minutes! No sympathy!

Make sure you also join us on Twitter to catch some exclusive pics of her sexy socks after a week, two weeks and three weeks! That was another sick and twisted deal! (French Language)

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