Crazily Ticklish Girls Have Fun : Calie Tickles Jennie's Feet


Length - 12:19 - 720P

The beautiful Jennie is a very sexy 31 years old who has been introduced to us by our friend Alisee. This new beauty is a real angel who is as ticklish as she is charming and for her first experience in the tickling world she is immobilized in our favorite position with her bare feet up. This clip is mostly F/F tickle with a sexy friend to her as tickler. Jennie is ULTRA TICKLISH with a very communicative laughter and you’ll love her awesome reactions.

Her feet are perfect and insanely sensitive and the female tickler has so much fun with this great situation. She tickles the super ticklish soles and toes with fingers and brushes without mercy. A new model with all that you want, beauty and gorgeous ticklishness!

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