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Cynthia & April’s Russian Roulette

Cynthia and April are two hot girls who love to party all the time and it seems like this crazy night was no exception! They both have had a very long day with their shoes on so they thought it was just the perfect timing to take advantage and make fun of this loser slave!

Cynthia just downloaded an app game on her cell phone and this app is called the Russian Roulette! The girls will now turn this roulette on the phone and it will decide for them how to take advantage of this loser slave! Cynthia is the first one to try the app and the first step for the slave will be to suck on April’s heels! He is such a loser so he had no choice to obey!

April also wants him to take her shoes off and take some deep breaths in her feet! Cynthia is kind of jealous now and she also wants some attention on her feet so she makes this loser to take her shoes off and take some deep breaths in her smelly feet! Both girls also make him lick the sweaty bottom of their soles and it seems like they really enjoy that funny game!

The roulette will also tell them when it’s time for shooters and they also make fun at this loser by making him drink some Jack Daniels on Cynthia’s feet! This is the only way he can drink with them! He must lick every single drop on those sweaty sexy feet! Hot Clip Alert! (French Language)

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