Dina enjoys to tickle Greek girl Alana in hogtie


Length – 13:24

New model Alana – fragile girl, not very tall, originally from Greek. She came because she was very curious to try new sensations.
Dina will be the tickler, she feels good and even aggressive – she wants to fiercely tickle this sweet girl.

Dina starts tickling her feet with her hands. She does it with pleasure, and even mocks her. Dina stops, then suddenly pounces and tortures Alana.
Next she uses a massage brush with some cream, intensifying emotions of her victim.
Then she takes a little respite and asks if Alana wants more. She has not had time to answer it as Dina suddenly grabs her ribs. It tickles!!!
At the end she elegantly drives the tip of a feather over Alana’s soles, enjoying her torment.

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