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Length - 12:26 -
Definition - 1080P

Two girlfriends 2. Laura’s revenge

in the previous clip Dina tortured Laura. And of course Laura wants to take revenge on her friend… The story with two girlfriends turns over and now Dina is lying tied up in anticipation of tickle torture, and Laura receives instructions from me about the tickle of her girlfriend behind the scenes. She will use a comb, a toothbrush and of course her hands for tickling.

Dina is a strong girl, so she’s tied firmly: her wrists, knees and ankles are tied with a duct tape. As well as her mouth – it’s taped with a few peaces of the tape. So, Laura tickles Dina‘s upper body and feet.

Dina makes lots of noise so Laura put a peace of the duct tape over her mouth, and continues to tickle her. As it turned out, one of the most ticklish and sencitive Dina‘s plase is the area between the hips, closer to buttocks. Laura got to know about this experimentally and begin to tickle her there abundantly. In general, both girls are very energetic and charismatic. It’s pleasure to watch! Enjoy!

in the previous clip Dina tortured Laura. And of course <strong style="font-size:...
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