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Dominant position of Lisenok – Tickling her girlfriend Kelly and making her a foot slave

Kelly is locked in stocks and her hands are tied. She’s trying to get out. Her sexy body wriggles, but she can’t escape. She wears patterned white knee socks on her feet.
Lisenok comes up to her and takes a feather. She runs it over Kelly’s body and tickles her armpits. Kelly tensed and was already chuckling. Lisenok takes a dominant position over her girlfriend. She knew that Kelly is older than her and therefore it would be interesting to take her under control. And also let her lick her feet because they are both very excited by this.

Lisenok starts tickling Kelly’s sides with her hands, sitting behind. Kelly was already laughing and her beautiful abs tensed. Lisenok puts a gag into Kelly’s mouth, removes her socks, and starts tickling her with an electric brush. Kelly screams and moans, laughing through the gag. Lisenok was incomparable, she knows what she needs. She frees Kelly’s arms to remove her shirt and expose her big and tight tits. She then proceeds to tickle her sides and armpits. Her armpits are so deep that Lisenok’s hands fit there.

Now it’s time to pamper her friend with some foot-fetish. Lisenok sits down on a chair and takes off her white socks, holding out her feet to Kelly. She greedily starts licking her legs and sucks her toes. Kelly licks all over her soles, sucks her heels, and gets very excited and happy. Lisenok unhooks Kelly’s arms again so that she can hold her feet. Then Lisenok sits behind her friend and stretches her legs over her shoulders so that Kelly can enjoy both feet at the same time.

Lisenok is very excited and wants to torment her friend one more time She puts her on the mattress and stretches her arms to the bed and secured them. Then Lisenok begins to tickle Kelly’s athletic body, pressing on her beautiful belly and tickling her navel. Then she runs over Kelly’s deep armpits and returns to her stocked feet, applies some cream and tickles them with a massager.
In the end, she gives her friend the last time to lick her feet and left.

Kelly is locked in stocks and her hands are tied. She's trying to get out. Her sexy body wriggles, but she can't escape....
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