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Eileen Gets Her Ticklish Revenge With the Ticklers on Helpless Cassy

After a good punishment Eileen is impatient to get her revenge on her friend Cassy. Luna loves to tickle too then she begins the action by a merciless feet tickle torture then Eileen joins her to increase the punishment. Both girls use their fingers and brushes on Cassy’s insanely ticklish bare feet.

The poor ticklee loses control of herself but she can’t move at all and she’s tickled on her underarms too at some moments. Cassy is terrifyingly ticklish and she bursts out with uncontrollable laughter but the female ticklers are decided to show no mercy. Look on her face, as she suffer!

The sadistical girls attack Cassy’s underarms, belly and ribs with feathers and fingers. Luna and Eileen discover that Cassy is EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO THE FEATHERS and they have so much fun with her explosive reaction.

This ticklee is GREAT because she becomes crazy at each touch from the ticklers. Her entire body is ultra ticklish and completely exposed for some intense tickle torture without any chance to escape. Look on her lovely face, as she suffer!

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