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Elizabeth hogtied in catsuit

Definition - 1080P
Length - 19:56


By John

Elizabeth is dressed in a black catsuit. She is kneeling and waiting for me. I come and I enjoy the look of a beautiful barefoot girl in fetish outfit. I love this view. The clip captures the process of how I tie the babe in hogtie with leather ropes.

I make her sit on her knees and tie her hands behind the back in three places. The bondage in this clip is particularly tight due to the properties of these ropes. Elizabeth’s mouth is shut up with a ball gag. I put the baby on the cube on her belly down and tightly pull her legs to her hands. Elizabeth is a patient and submissive girl, but even such as she can’t calmly relax in these ropes, which tightly tighten her entire body. I enjoy the sight of her helpless body and tender feet. I take a whip and beat her soles for a while.

After that, I tie her big toes with leather rope and attach it to the gag strap. The babe experiences pleasurable feelings of unfreedom. I sit down on a chair a few meters from her and behold what is happening. I feel how hard it is for her and it turns me on even more. Enjoy!
Elizabeth is open for your custom requests! Feel free to drop us a mail.

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