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Emotional girl with many sensitive places – Long tickling in 6 positions

New young girl Zaza came to our tickling territory. But she wasn’t expecting that tickle session would be so long and prove to be a serious challenge for her.
It all starts with a short interview where she shows her ticklish spots and I check them with my assistant Alina. She is ticklish everywhere – armpits, sides, and juicy feet. The girl reacts emotionally to tickling, so it’s fun to play a lively ticklish game on the couch.
Next, the girl is tied by her hands to a crossbar and Alina begins to tickle her, but the girl is strong and fidgety. I come to help and tickle her very intensely – she is twitching and trying to get out of shackles.

Next, the ticklee is on the bed and we are going tickle her sexy body: slender delicate belly, shaved sweaty armpits and feet through the fishnet socks. Later, I take the socks off to tickle her meaty soles even more.
The girl screams and laughs and asks to stop. It looks very emotional and lively. The ticklee eludes our tickling hands, but we still catch up with her. I also tickle her feet pressed to my stomach.

Then we put her feet in stocks (her hands are free) and enjoy the long feet tickling with cream. Zaza was already tired, and we laid her on the bed, tied her hands behind the head. Her feet are still in the stocks and we tickle her everywhere: feet and sides, stomach and armpits, leaving her completely exhausted…

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