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Zira – Tickling of tender girl by two ticklers

By John

I met Zira while discussing shibari on the web. I invited her to film in our studio and she agreed with interest. She already had experience in some bondage, but she was never been tickled, especially tied, and on a distinctive device that made just for this. She was very curious and a little scared, because her soles are one of the most sensitive places on her body…

Well, sensual Zira is fixed on our bench in stocks. Her arms are locked behind her head. In this clip, she has to withstand the tickling of her feet from two ticklers in the first scene and upper body tickling in the second. Of course, looking ahead, I will say that she coped, but what did she have to experience?

Zira’s reaction to tickling is not quite standard, it’s more like a reaction to pain, probably because tickling is a real challenge for her. So if you are a sadistic tickler, you will like it 🙂 What could be better than the sight of moaning and suffering fixed ticklee, when combs, electric toothbrushes, a Wartenberg’s pinwheel, and, of course, fast fingers of two ticklers are actively running across on her soles? Enjoy!

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