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Gaia Malagoli is upperbody tickled

Definition - 1080P
Length - 16:12


Gaia Malagoli starts one more time with hands tied up to the ankles in front of her. The tickler sets himself behind her back and, unexpectedly to her, easily gets under her arms to tickle her; sides and breast are tickled too. After that, the tickler separates Gaia’s arms and feet and brings her arms over his head behind his back, exposing Gaia’s torso to tickling by hands and tools. First, the tickler use hands to tickle armpits, neck, sides, tummy, bellybutton and all the surface of the boobs, going from the lower part near the ribs to the upper part near neck and shoulders, moving the hands in more than one way, searching for the most tickling movements.

Next, the tickler tries all the tools he’s got to tickle the same body parts: a paintbrush, a make-up brush, a toothbrush, a comb, feathers with different rigidity and dimension, a pet glove, using even more than one tool at the same time. Like in other sessions, Gaia comments continuously tickler’s actions and her ticklish feelings, seeming complaining her situation, but admitting at last she enjoyed to be tickled in this way.

At the end, our sweet Gaia says goodbye to you by waving her feet, while briefly tickled again under them. (format is.mkv, simply a .mp4 file with incorporated selectable/deselectable English/Italian subtitles)

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