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Length - 18:32 -
Definition - 1080P

Tools for Gaia Malagoli’s feet

Gaia Malagoli, the Go player (and much more), has come back to be tickled again!! This time she tries the effect of many tickling tools under her feet. On Gaia’s demand, the tickler starts with a classic feather, then takes other types of feathers, different about dimensions and softness, from narrow and straight ones to large and very soft ones: all the feathers are effective, keeping Gaia giggling and laughing all the time. After the feathers, two brushes are used, with softer or harder bristles and then different sensations for Gaia’s soles.

Gaia comments continously the effect and the senssations she feels, showing how much she is enjoying the experience. New to her, even a comb is used to tickle her soles! At last, an electric brush and a pet glove, that Gaia already knows, tickle her. And tickler’s hands cannot be absent, of course! At the end of the video, listen Gaia explaining which tool is better to tickle her soles!

(format is.mkv, simply a .mp4 file with incorporated selectable/deselectable English/Italian subtitles)

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