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Available in a bundle !
Available in a bundle !
Length - 9:12 -
Definition - 1080P

Pamela Strong chairtied – part 1 – upperbody

Pamela Strong is tied up to a chair, in a way that allows her to move sensually trying to avoid the tickling. The tickler starts with a soft feather, that caresses her side from hip to armpit and goes through the surface of her tummy and legs, between them too. Pamela giggles and moans when caressed. After the feather is passed between the bra and a breast, increasing the tickling sensation. The soft feather is changed with a more rigid feather: that is very effective in her armpit, eliciting a louder laughter, and in her bellybutton. When passed between the two boobs, Pamela discovers she has got an unexpected tickle spot. Even the ear is a sensitive spot!

The tickler jokes tickling her nose and Pamela tries to bite the feather. Now it’s the turn of the hands: the tickling becomes more intense and Pamela laughs louder than before. Sides, ribs, armpits, and the point behind the knees, all are good spots where Pamela can be tickled, to not mention a finger in the bellybutton and the rest of her navel! The tickler pays attention to the breast too, tickling it on the sides, on the top, under it near the ribs: very sensually for him! Pamela is so nice when receives the ticklish attentions, commenting every step with funny sentences. (format is.mkv, simoly a .mp4 file with incorporated selectable/deselectable English/Italian subtitles)

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