Gwendolyne's slow descent into madness


Length –  1h:06 – 1080P

Get ready with a total wreckage with new model Gwendolyne.
This clip is a story of perseverance, as you can see, she started quite thick, but I sensed that something could be done with her.

This is why I wrapped her on the massage table, and what I had foreseen became true, the more I tu-ickled her, the more she broke.
Her weakness was her thighs, I spent a lot of time around that area, but I didn’t spare the feet or the upperbody.

The last 20 minutes, she is put facedown and it’s a festival of laughter. My hands were drenched in her sweat, she begged constantly telling me she was going to go crazy.

After all this, we shot a little aftermath segment were you can see up close her face and body, it’s like it’s not the same person that came in 1H 30 ago, she told me afterward that she would have prefered being trampled by a pack of horses !

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