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Lydia – Non-stop tickling in tape of the New most ticklish girl by two ticklers

Definition - 1080P
Length - 23:15


By Dero

Lydia shows off her non-stop laughter again in a new plastic wrap intense tickling video.
For the first time, she is wrapped in black film and will be tickled by two tickers at once.
Lydia’s hands are wrapped and her legs stretched upwards are also wrapped with tape. Me and Dark Ariel are going to tickle her almost always at the same time, mostly on her upper body.

As usual, Lydia laughs from the tickling. Now she’s going to get tickled by a tickler girl for the first time. Later, we switch places and settle down in different positions, applying massage tools and brushes, as well as some oil. It was a hot day and Lydia was sweating a lot, I’ve never seen so many sweats under the ticklee before 😀

In the second part of the video, we paid attention to her beautiful tender feet. I bite them during the double tickle and then ask Dark Ariel to tickle her soles with her fingernails. She then happily bites and licks Lydia’s delicious feet. Lydia laughs hard because of that.
(you can find some facts about Lydia by looking at our Twitter).

Dark Ariel is again positioned at Lydia’s armpits and throws her legs over her for convenience, thus determining her dominant position in front of the ticklee. After a while, we let Lydia catch her breath and relax.

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