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Her First Film Session

Length – 12:29

Here we have the brand new model to TacomaTicklers, Bradli the giggly and ticklish 22 year old!!! She and I am have been friends for about 3 years now and I was given the honor of introducing her to her tickle fetish. We have played for years as session partners but never filmed it till today. It was very much so a last minute phone call from her and working with what I had at the time. However, her ticklishness and laugh bring magic to this video.

The video begins with her ankles tied and her upperbody free. This is the first time she will experience unbound tickling and it drives her wild. She hates being able to move but unable to escape the tickling. I explore her feet with multiple tools before moving on to her upper body making her shrieks and giggle as well as beg me to stop. This only encourages me to dig in more and cause her more of the misery she loves. This girl has a true tickle fetish and you won’t want to miss out!!!

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