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Length - 13:35 -
Definition - 1080P

Home girl carefully worships feet of overbearing Milla

Yay! We finally found a dominatrix who really knows how to play with other girls. Meet Milla. In this video, Milla is dressed in a black catsuit and Home girl is sitting at her feet. Babe HG is submissive and likes it, so Milla and HG look harmoniously in the frame with each other.
This video has two parts. In the first part, tied HG licks the feet of imperious Milla. HG is kneeling in an uncomfortable position and tries to bring pleasure to Milla.
In the second part, HG isn’t tied and still carefully worships Milla’s feet, she is more comfortable here, and she does it diligently.

Looking into Milla’s eyes, I realized that she really likes to dominate girls, those eyes are full of pleasure and power… In general, I hope that such content will appear more often in our store.

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