Impossible to Stop Tickling the Spanish Teacher's Feet


Length – 17:12

We have the privilege to introduce you a real fantastic new tickle model who will probably become one of our tickling legend.
Veronica is a real life spanish teacher who recently moved to France to teach spanish to the French.
She is 32 years old and she discovered with us that she is really really more ticklish than she imagined.
This girl is seriously ticklish everywhere but her feet are without a doubt the perfection for a sadistic tickler.

As usual with many of our new models she’s welcomed by the sadistic Veronique who gived her one of the most ruthless punishment she ever gaved.
Veronica is pushed to crazy hysteria by Veronique who tickle her till she really loses all control of herself.

This is impossible for Veronique to stop tickling her feet because she craks all long the clip with incredible reactions who really push to tickle even more.

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