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Length - 14:14 -
Definition - 1080P

Interrogation of Miss Sensity Part 2 – Belly and feet tickle

By Dero

Continuation of the torment of the beautiful Miss Sensity that was captured and put into mummification.
The tickler bandit needs to get important information from her. He cuts the film around the girl’s breasts and exposes her beautiful boobs.

He then starts tickling her breasts and nipples and bites her belly. He focuses on her navel, licking it and tickling it. It turns out that this pervert also likes to tickle belly buttons! And the sweet girl groans and resists as she can.

Later, the tickler goes to the victim’s feet – tears open the plastic film, and tickles her feet through her socks. Then he removes them and her lovely sensitive feet get tickled with cream and a toothbrush. But the girl doesn’t give up, although she is very ticklish!
After a few minutes of torment, he leaves her alone.

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