Kelly Is Hogtied and Pushed to Hysteria


Length – 9:19 – 720P

The insanely ticklish Kelly is hogtied on a sofa and tickled silly by two sadistical guys totally decided to push the girl out of her limits. Kelly‘s feet are horribly ticklish and the ticklers explore every ways they can with their fingers, hairbrushes and electric toothbrushes. Kelly has no chance to defend and she becomes hysterical with convulsive reactions all long the clip.

Every touch on her super sensitive soles drive her insane and you will see her suffering as her soles and toes are tickled with differents items. This is an intolerable torture and the helpless Kelly begs me for mercy but the guys have so much fun to stop the action. That’s amazing! Well, it’s time to watch her suffer and laugh.

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