Laughing girl Erica - "I love that tickle on my feet and wet armpits"


Length - 14:29 - 1080P

By Dero

Erica loves tickling very much and her feet are very ticklish so it’s hard to resist to not tickle them.
That’s why Susanna is already here – near Erica’s feet. The ticklee is tied on a device, she’s lying on the back with her hands fixed comfortably above her head and her feet are fixed on a horizontal bar. Erica laughs and gets pleasure and her laughter is sweet. Then I join them and tickle her upper body. I push on her sensitive spots on the waist and armpits.

Then Susanna tickles Erica’s sweaty armpits with her fingernails. Even now she gets pleasure from tickling and laughs all the time. Then Susanna tickles her tight belly and moves again to her feet. It looks hot!

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