Laurie's soft ticklish soles are made for ticklers


Length – 11:12

Laurie is a charming 25 years old beautician girl we met a few month ago.
We offered her to have a tickle experience with us and she was intrigued but she finally accepted.
Beauticans have always beautiful and perfect feet but we were very curious to know if they were ticklish too so for her first experience we immobilized them in our favorite position for a special punishment.
Laurie is extremely ticklish!
She has not explosive reactions but her charming and sexy laughter is very arousing and incitate to never stop tickling her.

She really endures the tickles on her soles and toes but she enjoys it too even if she always tries to escape the sadistic fingers and brushes.
A real ticklish beautician was a real fantasy for our tickler and he got the chance to fullfill it!

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