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Leya’s ticklish adventures – Foot tickling, upper body tickling and foot licking

This unusual tickling clip was made at the request of our customer.
The video contains two scenes filmed in different locations. They are united by shooting with two cameras and a split-screen.
Tickling here is not a torment but something nice and pleasant.

Scene one, office, day
Leya is sitting at a desk and doing her homework when suddenly mystical hands remove the socks from her feet and begin to tickle her.
Leya decides to take a break from her assignments, picks up her phone, and plays a video game, while her hand continues to tickle her bare feet. She tries to ignore the tickling but gets confused and smiles.

Scene two, bedroom, night
In the second scene, Leya lies on the bed, bound in a spread eagle pose. Her eyes are blindfolded. Here’re two ticklers, Madoka and Masked man.
First, they tickle her ribs and upper body, then go down to her feet, tickle them and lick her toes as well.
Leya gets high from all this and experiences a kind of ticklegasm 😀

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