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Length - 06:05 -
Definition - 1080P

Lick and Gag on My Stinky Feet with Jen Capone

Juicy Jen Capone shows up with sweaty, stinky feet.  She knows that her friend Archer Legend is a foot guy and she is certain she can make him clean them for her.  He’s such a foot pervert that he doesn’t even care how musty and funky they smell.  Still moist from her damp socks, she presses her wide soles across his face.  Jen steps on him so much that her wrinkled soles cause creases in is skin.  Archer makes a few noises, but never complains or pushes her away.

Jen rubs her nasty feet all over his tongue to clean every spot.  She laughs at him as she pushes her size seven-and-a-half Latina feet deeply into his mouth causing him to gag.  He takes it all like a man…a real foot man that his.  Jen Capone feels invincible as she realizes the great power she possesses as men lower themselves to worship her precious feet.

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