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Length - 06:03 -
Definition - 1080P

Feet Hungry with Mistress Tempted

Mistress Tempted gets comfortable on the sofa today and allows her beautiful size eight-and-a-half’s to be tasted by the eager footlicker Archer Legend. Temped has exceptionally well formed feet that encourage him to just dive right in. While she finds foot worship very relaxing, the excitement of the erotic act results in Archer becoming more and more worked up. This fortunate foot worshiper focuses on the spectacular beauty offered to him and he makes sure not to miss a spot.

He sniffs, kisses, licks, nibbles and sucks every area of fabulous foot skin he can find. This type exploration is the dream of all female feet lovers. When you get feet hungry for Mistress Tempted, be sure to carry a compass so you can find your way back from those amazingly deep arches.

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