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Lina’s Horrible Tickle in the Stocks

Definition - 720P
Length - 10:05


The beautiful new model Lina is strongly immobilized in our stocks for a 50% upperbody and 50 % bare feet tickle .
She is mercilessly tickled by her friend Loane and by the FT tickler who show her the best techniques to drive Lina insane.
Lina is terrifyingly ticklish all over and believe us this is really an horrible tickle in stocks.

This situation is unbearable for her because she can’t move at all and it tickles too much on all her most sensitive spots!
Look at her face and you will see her suffering as her sadistic friend has so much fun.
A new ultra ticklish student pushed to her limits, what a great present for every crazily ticklish girls lovers.

are you over 18?

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