Live Tickle torture session with Agata on the bench - Belly, boobs and armpits tickling


Length – 37:16

This is a live play with Agata. She comes to me and sits on the bench, where I tie her.
I begin to slightly tickle her armpits, using a feather. Then I hit her stomach with a small whip. Then I use a paddle and small whip, slap her belly and breasts. Then I rub cream on her belly.

Then I tickle her armpits, breast, and stomach.
In POV mode, I tickle her navel and tits. Then I bite her belly and navel. Then I take water and drink it from her navel, then take some Skittles and eat them from Agata’s navel, tickling her.
Then I take a vibrator and hold it between her legs while using objects to torment Agata. I take a hairpin, Wartenberg’s pinwheel, chopsticks.
Then I put a ball gag into her mouth and tickle her intensely.

I use ice tongs to expand her belly button and tickle her body, pinch her nipples with tongs.
Then I use a candle and wax to drip into her navel, then I insert a match into the navel and set it on fire. Then I take the ice tongs and take out the wax, then I tickle all parts of Agata’s body in POV mode and torture her with the pinwheel one more time.

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