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Revenge time for Lysa on the immobilized Lara

Lysa gets a nice revenge on the perfectly immobilized Lara.
She attacks her upperbody and her feet but this clip is mostly bare feet tickle torture.
Lysa is really a fantastic tickler because she’s very efficient and she’s merciless especially with Lara’s helpless soles and toes.
In this session Lara is really really more ticklish than usual and this is probably due to the fact that she has never been immobilized at this point in the past.

Lara cracks all long the clip and she laughs very hard when the tickling becomes unbearable.
Lysa loves to drive her crazy and she does her maximum to get the most explosive laughter.
The sexy Lara goes nuts and wow this is so good.
This is a fantastic F/F tickle torture session.

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