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Length - 13:17 -
Definition - 720P

Lyse Told Us That Her 18 Years Old Sister Had Insanely Ticklish Feet

During our last session with the sexy Lyse she told us that her little step-sister had insanely ticklish feet and that she would be very interested to work with us. She explained that she was just 18 years old since a few days and that she were ready to be tickled by us. What a fantastic new then we asked to Lyse to introduce us her sister and she did it with a real pleasure because she was very impatient to watch her little sister mercilessly tickled in our studio.

Then we’re very proud to present you the young and EXTREMELY TICKLISH CAROLIE! She is interviewed at the beginning of the clip about this experience and about her ticklishness then for her first time she’s immobilized with her milky bare feet up and vulnerable.

Carolie is tickled by her sister and by the FT Tickler and she discovers new sensations with the differents tickling techniques and she especially discovers how she is ticklish! The girl can’t stand to be tickled like this but it is too late now and she can’t escape until it ends. Lyse has so much fun with her sister and more she loses control more she tickles her to hell.

The only thing that Lyse wants is to watch Carolie becoming crazy and she really does her best in this way. A new sexy and extremely ticklish young student for your pleasure. Enjoy!

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