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Medical debt. Ticklish powder on nurse and patient’s feet

Iraida arrives at the hospital for treatment. Nurse Taisia comes up to her and explains that she must undergo a compulsory treatment with a new method of ticklish powder. Iraida has no choice but to agree. She is brought to the table, laid on her stomach and her feet are fixed in the air. Taisia begins the procedure. Iraida feels tickling and begins to laugh, but she doesn’t understand what’s the point. Taisia is in no hurry. She takes the ticklish powder and puts it into Iraida’s socks. Then her feet begin to itch like hell. That’s the effect! Taisia scratches Iraida’s feet and tickles them. Iraida goes crazy.

“How much more of this do I have to endure? Let me try it on you?” – Iraida says indignantly.
Suddenly, Taisia agrees and Iraida does the same procedure with her. But she tickles her even stronger. Taisia already regrets about this. The procedure lasts a long time until they are interrupted by the chief doctor – she strictly tells the nurse off and says that now the patient and the nurse will be punished.
Now she leads them both to the room so that the man puts straitjackets on them.

Now the girls in straitjackets and their feet are in stocks. The chief doctor uses ticklish powder and other items for prolonged torment. Girls laugh from tickling and scratch their feet because it’s not possible to endure.

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