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Meline Gets a Merciless Revenge on the Super Ticklish Lenora

Meline and the Tickler attack now Lenora’s helpless bare feet. The poor girl is insanely ticklish all over but her feet are particulary sensitive to every techniques. Lenora laughs hysterically as the brushes run on her soft soles and toes.Meline is absolutely merciless with her friend and she cruelly tickles her friend’s feet to get the maximum laughter from the poor Lenora.

It really sends her into hysterics but more she explodes in laughter more the ticklers are merciless. What a beautiful young girl pushed to her limits. At the end of the clip she says in french that she is near from a heart attack.

After enduring a very intensive tickling session the sexy Meline is impatient to get her revenge on the beautiful Lenora then we strongly immobilized her too with all her most ticklish spots exposed. Lenora is insanely ticklish all over and she will discover here how Meline is a merciless tickler. The punishment begins on her upperbody with feathers and fingers. Lenora can’t stand to be tickled and you’ll enjoy to see her becoming crazy as never before.

The poor girl loses all control of herself and more she laughs hysterically more the ticklers tickle her most sensitive areas. As Meline the helpless Lenora is as ticklish as she is beautiful and this revenge is a delight to watch. The perfect student is back and she’s more hysterical than ever!

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