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Cuban Cockwalker with Mistress Tempted

Definition - 1080P
Length - 07:13


Cuban cutie Mistress Tempted is very confident in her footjob game. Eager footboy Archer Legend is tickled to have this opportunity to serve as her organ donor for this exhibition. The Caribbean foot goddess wastes no time getting into position with her long, sexy legs.

A dash of oil on those wide, eight-and-a-half soles and she’s off to the races. Tempted toots shows great skill in the way she grabs that rigid boner between her high arches and works it like a piston. Her talented toes tantalize the sexy old bear chub as she teases the tip of his penis with her amazingly dexterous toes. No one can cast doubt at the authentic footjob skills of Mistress Tempted when she easily extracts a warm wad of man juice from the balls of her squirming subject.

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